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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kind Like Love Tunic, medium

posted on behalf of Katie

Sheath tunic top from the brand Kind Like Love, purchased at the Nashville boutique Posh last winter for $75.00, size medium. I'm a size small/2, but I liked the way it kind of floated out around me with this sizing. It's extremely thin and semi-transparent, and will definitely require an undershirt. It has a little keyhole closure at the back of the neck (not pictured). The warp threads have a very subtle iridescence to them which my photographs did not pick up on. The pattern reminded me of Middle Eastern repeating patterns. It's 100% polyester and again, very sheer-- the third image with my hand beneath the fabric is to demonstrate its see-through quality. I'm asking $15.00 shipped in the US (Canada will be + $3.00). Please contact katiekentuckychambers@gmail.com with any questions. Listing ends a week from posting date. Thanks!


kim said...

tampensis (at) gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I love this! Am I too late? My email address is kris10mt19@gmail.com.