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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

REDUCED: J Crew Sandals

These here are a pair of J Crew sandals I at the beginning of the spring only to wear them out once and reluctantly realize that they were just a little too big. Super comfy, no wierd rubbing, just too big! Note, these have only been worn ONCE.

These sandals are a size 7 though I would say they definitely fit more like a 7.5

Color is a light pearl grey

Paid: $88
Asking: $40 (was $50) + $5 shipping without box ($10 with box)

Listing ends: July 6


Alicia Jayne said...

Hi I'll take them!

I go on holiday 9th July, do you think they'll get to the UK before then?

Are they 7 US size?


ilana kohn said...

alicia, i can put them in the mail today - not sure how long it takes to get to the uk though! i could send them express but shipping would cost more (sans box?) - could check how much. and yes, they're a US 7.

feel free to email me back at ilana.kohn [AT] yahoo [DOT] com