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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Viktor and Rolf stretch black dress with silk "unfinished" ribbon detail and bow

About Item: Viktor and Rolf stretchy dress with unfinished details around shoulder and collar

Color: Black and unfinished silk ribbon detail

Material: Stretchy polyester and rayon body. silk ribbon detailing. trademark miniature bow at neck

Condition: Brand new. Has been in my storage closet!

Approximate Measurements: Size 38. 42" length. Would fit anyone who wears 0-4

Defects: a poster has pointed out that the collar is unraveling at the chest. (.75" width below bow.)I've adjusted the price accordingly and hope sasking omeone who is handy with a needle

Why am I letting it go?: I'm cleaning out my closet for an approaching move.

Paid: $120 at Century 21

Asking: $30 (includes shipping within US). Adjusted price $20 (includes shipping.)

Listing End Date: 11 July. Please leave your email in your comment!


fleur_delicious said...

oh, it's gorgeous.

Is it just me, though, or is the sheer fabric at the center bottom of the neckline fraying up from the seam a bit? Your neckline detail shows it best. I'd just want to check this first, because I had a dress with a similar issue just fall to pieces along a seam like that. Even fray-checked.

Tien-Ann said...

Hi Fleur -

Ah. Thanks for pointing this out. I hadn't noticed from amongst the unfinished seams! I am sure this can be resolved by someone with an adept hand (and a sewing machine.) I'll be sure to amend the listing and price requested to reflect this!



fleur_delicious said...

yeah, it's such a shame. Well, it's a gorgeous dress, and I might still go in for it after you alter the price - unfortunately, I'm on a grad school budget for another 4 years or so, so I have to weigh cost against risk of replacing the neckline. Still, it's a killer dress, I would be very happy to have this to wear in the fall, so I'll keep an eye on it!

Tien-Ann said...

I've adjusted the asking price. I think you should be able to hand stitch the fray to fix it. I hope so!

fleur_delicious said...

thanks, Tien-Ann! At $20, I think I can risk having to redo the neckline if it fails on me. Would you count me in for this one?

fleur_delicious said...

oops, sorry. fleurdelisarah AT hotmail DOT com

Jenny said...

Hi, please count me in.