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Monday, May 26, 2014

Black and White Stripe One-Piece Swimsuit

Retro-style swimsuit, size 0/XS. Has no label or tag (originally bought at a vintage shop). W hite with black/dark gray stripes and flattering twist detail under the bust, has a moderately low V front, and dips to a lower scoop back. Will fit size 0 best with a smaller chest , A/B . Reminds me of the black and white stripey swimsuit Katharine Hepburn wore in "The Philadelphia Story."

In excellent condition, no visible wear. The fabric is unlined but made of something a bit denser than the average swimsuit - more matte and less shiny, if that makes sense. Kind of A.P.C. style - minimal ist , no underwire. Very cute with shorts or jeans!

Asking: $20 including shipping in U.S. Please ask questions in the comments and I'll respond promptly!

Listing ends: [one week from today]

(posted on behalf of Phyllis)


donna said...

Me, please! thedonna (at) gmail. - Donna

Jocelyn said...

Count me in! jocelynsunseri (at) gmail

Wendy said...

Gorgeous! I have such a hard time finding a great one-piece and this looks like one out of a dream!

seasonalrain [at] gmail [dot] com

ming said...

This looks wonderful and perfect for my upcoming summer vacation in Martha's Vineyard! :)

ndonna said...

count me in!
disarmedbubble at gmail

Elise said...

Oh wow, I'd love this! eramsay at gmail dot com please :)

Laura said...

PLease include me! lauralisa dot reznick at gmail.

clarabell said...

Love, love, love!!! Please pick me clarabell22(at)hotmail(dot)com! I would pay you $50 for this and the black French connection dress you have posted as well

Rachel said...

Yes, please!

Rachel said...

oops, rachwhetten@gmail.com!!

Antoinette said...

Super interested! phthooey [at] gmail [dot] com

maura said...

hi! this is gorgeous! vintage but not too retro, you know? please count me in maura(dot)lucking(at)gmail(dot)com

icedbergs said...

Love love love this.

adtrjrm [at] gmail [dot] com

Vanessa said...

Please include me!


deviline said...

So gorgeous! please count me in!


Chandra said...

I'm interested