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Monday, November 30, 2009

Rare Balenciaga Hi-Tops Mint w/ Box sz 37 7

Hi all,

If I were asked which of the items I'm editing from my closet I recommend the most as my most "special-ist" things, I'd mention these Balenciaga sneakers, the APC tartan cape, the Miu Miu dress shirt I just listed, and a Development by Philip Lim moleskin stand-up collar coat (and the APC moleskin jacket that I've decided to keep after trying it on again) that I listed but will relist with images in which the coat is being worn so you see how it fits and drape.

Apologies in advance for any future amateurish "modeling."

I have been, basically, forever, living with the hope (or illusion) that I should be wearing hi-top sneakers. I have looked everywhere, tried everything, etc. In short, I have been desperate to join the ranks of people who look cool in hi-tops.

I have now come to the conclusion that there is just something wrong with my foot that makes it near impossible to wear hi-tops without my toes cramping up. It's pretty tough to come to terms with, but as a result, I am selling every single pair of unworn hi-tops I own.

This is the best pair of them all: rare Balenciaga hi-tops. So, so sassy and couture at the same time. Today when I was taking pictures for this listing, I realized that the hi-top part of the sneaker is lined in insanely luxurious goat leather -- the same leather used in the Balenciaga bags -- and I almost chickened out.

You can wear the top folded down, too, so that the cream goat leather is showing. Canvas and Suede panels. The top velcros shut. Just an insane amount of details...(the last photo of this season's white Balenciaga hi-tops was included to show that the style is still being produced, with a few adjustments.)

Condition: near mint. I wore these once -- ONCE -- and got a slight scuff on the left heel. You can see this minor scuff in picture three. You could get this very minor scuff cleaned really easily at your cobblers. Condition rating: 9.5/10. Comes with its original box and sleeper bag. These shoes? They just don't show up ever. Anywhere. I'm not sure, even, that they make Balenciaga sneakers for women now.

Size: Women's Italian 37. Fits true to size. US 7

Paid: $380 at Barneys. It's Balenciaga after all. I couldn't resist the idea of having Balenciaga hi-tops!

Asking: $145 + $10 shipping

Listing end: December 6, 2009. Leave email in comments.

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Ashley Shaun said...

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