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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Susan Harris Skirt

About the Item: Oh, yet another of my fave purchases, I got this quirky, rough-cut, linen skirt at Susan Harris Design studio (that would be her former apartment on Tecumseth) on a blisteringly hot summer day a few years ago. I actually tried it on in her tiny bathroom. It is marvelously, strangely cool on a hot day and truly unique piece from a great Toronto designer.

The screened rooster, inset fabric with quote (on the back) and rough seaming (still very durable) make it endlessly intriguing. It's very easy to wear and the draw-string means it fits a wide variety of sizes from a 6 to a generous 10. The colour is a beautiful slate grey.

My absolute fave feature is the screened "sorry." shown in the final photo. For some reason that has thrilled me with each wearing.

Why it's time to say goodbye: I've had a couple of years to love this skirt but my summer skirt wardrobe is now so abundant, I find it doesn't get in the rotation as often as it deserves - and really, I need the space! It's too good to languish in the back of a closet.

Plus Points:
  • It's a great length
  • This linen skirt is actually machine washable and gets softer with each wash
  • The asymmetric seaming and rough finish are fantastic
  • I love the screening work - it's deliciously odd!
  • The drawstring top means it fits no matter how much ice cream you eat in any given summer heat wave
  • It travels excellently - roll it up into a ball and then unroll/wear
Size: Extremely flexible due to the cut and drawstring. It would fit a 6 - generous 10. Looks equally nice on a variety of shapes. I worn it slimmer and less slim to equally good effect. Friends with different shapes have tried it and it's flattering on them too.

Flat Measurements:

Waist: 13 - 18 (roughly) inches re: drawstring closure
Length: 23.5 inches

Asking: I bought this skirt from Susan directly, at full-price, for $100.00. Asking $20.00 plus shipping. Please note: Shipping from Canada.

Listing End Date: ENDED, THANKS!


Callie said...

I would love it! put me on the list!

Sara said...

It so much fun and whimsical, please email saralberman@gmail.com

::mari:: said...

I love everything about this skirt - the style, the material, the color, the simplicity, the quirkiness. My wardrobe could use some skirt friends, so please feel free to e-mail me at ...

latefragments (at) yahoo (dot) com

oakglasses said...

Ah, just my thing!

apeejam (at) gmail (dot) com

Q_9 said...

love this skirt.

Leanne said...

Please count me in - I love it!

JFo said...

I love it! list me. thanks!