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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

zero maria cornejo tunic dress (never worn)

Congrats, Lisa!

never worn zero maria cornejo silk/cotton tunic dress, size 6

purchased last january on sale, this is another item that i'm always drawn to but never wear because i'm afraid either my clumsiness or the cats will destroy it. so many subtle lovely details typical of cornejo's designs, but the sheer white fabric makes me oh so nervous.

flat measurements:
shoulders--15" approximately

68% cotton, 32% silk, black striped pattern, pockets. peating at the neckline (hook-eye closure, can be worn open as photographed, straight silhouette, full length sleeves with snap cuff, never worn except to try it on when it arrived.


originally $540 (yikes!), paid $135, asking $35 (includes shipping).

listing end date:
jan. 20th



Looks lovely -- would love to own it. --Pam


trpub said...

please add my name to the list. thanks! wendy

Winnie said...
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Pia said...

would love to have it...
piapiapia (@) gmail.com

Leanne said...

I just tried on a a tunic dress like this - and loved it! Please add me to the list.


cleo said...

love this dress. i'm in on the list. thank you so much.

Maria said...

I would love it.

Jessica said...

yes, please! This is beautiful.

kanders said...

A beautiful dress, I would love to be considered.

I love the idea of your blog for sharing with others who appreciate a love of design and quality. Thanks!

kanders said...

this is a really beautiful dress, I would love to be considered.

Your blog is a great idea for sharing amongst those who appreciate such great design--thanks for sharing!

Le Bouton said...

me too!

Tiina said...

What a beautifully classic dress. Please add me to the list. Thank you. Kristiina

amy t. said...

Fabulous - please add me

akhand said...
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