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Saturday, November 15, 2008

alex gaines sweater jacket

recipient--christine ho

alex gaines sweater jacket (small).

i have so many coats and jackets, and i've hardly worn this one since i bought it nearly 4 years ago. i considered cutting off the attached sweater sleeves at one point, but couldn't bring myself to do it.

flat measurements:
chest--18 1/2"

charcoal grey sweater material (no fabric content available)
lightly padded body
contrasting ribbed collar, sleeves, and hem
two front pockets
leather (faux?) trim along front zipper

slight pilling on ribbed sweater sleeves

shipping costs:

listing end date:
dec. 12


joyce & ben said...

This jacket is so cute! I'd like to put my name in:


I just discovered your new blog. What a great idea.

cleo said...

lovely jacket. please count me in.

pigeon.toed said...

make that three...


Kate G. said...

I would love to be included! I'm the process of purging my closet so I may have a few things to post as well. Thanks for thinking up such a great idea.

Carissa said...

Great sweater jacket! I would also like to put in my name.
- carissamonty@gmail.com

breathe said...

I love the sleeves, SO interesting.


Kathy Locke said...

Awesome jacket.


Stephanie said...

I have to put my name down for this one.


crossing fingers + toes.

Kate G. said...

Oops, I forgot to include my e-mail:


Maria said...

I love it. yochan60@gmail.com
I am in LA

Laura said...

I'd like to put my name in too! laura.arnold@gmail.com. So unique.

littleone said...

Ooo I love it, please put me down:

Carolyn's said...

Count me in!


And great blog idea!

Chris said...

Putting my name in the "hat" as well.

Fantastic idea for the blog btw!

fleur_delicious said...

I'd love to put my name in as well!

Thank you!

kelly (and dan!) said...

i'll put my name in on this one! thanks! kvonebers@gmail.com

Miss Hazaard said...
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Prue said...

I'd like to put my name in for this as well, thanks...and hope to post a few of my own items soon!

Viv said...


I think you should really keep this one for yourself! Of course you know your taste best, but I think this one has a lot of potential if you don't like it exactly as is - you can get rid of the thin sleeve layer on the inside, because the silhouette as a short sleeved coat would be much more interesting. =)

a version said...

I too would like to be part of your random draw for this sweater jacket :)

email: just_vy@hotmail.com


Anonymous said...

count me in, this jacket is super cute!


Genevieve said...

I can see why you wanted to cut the sleeves, but it adds so much interest!


lindrasi said...

This is brilliant!
I'd like to put my name in for this jacket. lindrasi@yahoo.com

Ash said...

Lovely jacket!

Jessica said...

yes, please.

Karuna said...

yes! yes!


Anonymous said...

I would love to have this jacket! Count me in!


Debbie Powell said...

hello nice jacket

DR said...



sasha said...

me, too, if: my bust is, like, a not-even-32, and my shoulder width also pretty narrow, so if you think this would then be huge, don't add me in (don't want to take away from someone it would really fit). however, if it would be roomy-but-good, count me in...